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Thursday, November 18, 2010

unimportant quick update

Maafkan daku wahai karna udah sebulan lebih ga nge-post. sibuk pisannnn euy.

my new motto: work hard, play hard :D

Lagi sibuk kerja aje sekarang, been working for 12 days in a row without any days off at all. one word, kraaazzzy! dan semuanya start jam 5.30 AM. bayangkan sodara-sodara, saya (seharusnya) tidur jam 9 dan bangun jam 4.30. tapi kadang-kadang ga ngantuk sampe baru tidur jam 11 or 12 dan berakhir dengan kemalasan yang teramat sangat buat bangun pagi besokannya. tapi, gua kerjanya enjoy-enjoy aja sih :) orangnya ya mayan lah meskipun ada juga staff-staff senior yang rese sampe rasanya pengen gua remek-remek mukanya. abis songong banget mentang-mentang udah kerja disono lama jadinya bossy tinggal suruh-suruh staff baru aja. ihhh nyebelin.

ahh akhirnya..... 3 minggu lagi daku pulang ke indo.. ahajhakhakhakhakahakhak bye bye fish and chips, hello fried rice. bye bye beer, hello lemon tea.

Friday, October 15, 2010

top 10 holiday destination

Waw. It's been a long time I haven't done blogging thing. There's nothing really important or interesting story to share so yeah.. been busy with work at the moment :) I think this week is the busiest week ever in my life so far! 8 shifts in 7 days. How i like it when my life is getting busy like this and earning lots of money $$$$$$ rather than just stay at home and pretty much doing nothing, just playing a lot with laptop and keep spending money without money comes in.

I actually have homework to do but I don't know, I just feel so lazy to get them done by this time. Now I am wondering about my future. hmm.... Not that kind of future I mean, like getting married and have lots of children lalalala. That things are actually scary me a bit. No, I am thinking about traveling across the world, from one continent to another continent, from one ocean to another ocean and from one country to another country. Sounds so fun! Especially when we travel with crazy people, either friends or family. Nothing could be better!

Okay let's make a list now. This world is just way too beautiful and has so many amazing places to visit, but if I should pick my top 10 holiday destination, that would be...

The number is not necessarily the right order, just a symbol.

1. Tahiti & French Polynesia

I actually just discovered this beautiful country not a long time ago and bum! my heart is melted.... clear and blue water, white sands, private bungalow above the sea, palm trees, blue sky, scuba diving. What a perfect destination for honeymoon...... Now I am dreaming of getting married and have a sweet sweeeet honeymoon there with my future husband haha.

2. United Kingdom

The accent. Oh mai gawt. So hawt beibeh. The culture..... The fashion..... Ohhh I'm falling on the floor now.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Enough said.

4. Venice, Italy

This city is just very unique. I like Italy in general but this city attracts me the most and has been my favorite city since a long time ago, moreover after I watched a movie called Chasing Liberty that was set in Venice. Looks awesome dude!

5. Queensland, Australia

Great Barrier Reef: Fraser Island, Hamilton Island, The Whitsundays and Hayman Island. Again, clear and blue water, white sands, private bungalow above the sea, palm trees, blue sky, scuba diving. Interesting...

6. Switzerland

I was dreaming to be able to do my bachelor degree up there specializing in hospitality management but I don't know why I am here right now in this (beautiful and awesome) city. Those snowy mountains and green valleys are just so cool and now I wish I was there and play ski right in this second!

7. Dubai, U.A.E

Who doesn't know this city?! What an aggressive ones! I wanna go to the desert and meet the real camel. I want to know what camel actually looks like and count how many teeth are they having.

8. Greece

Interesting architecture! I heard that the entertainment in Athens is really good, isn't it? Lots of clubs that sort of stuff. Hmm must be a glamorous city! Now I want to eat Stavros Tavern >,< bring me to Albert Park right nawww

9. Germany

The culture and foods interest me. I think this country has lots of gorgeous places. The sausages there are the best ever.

10. Spain

Once again, the foods are amazing. Spanish foods, yum!!!! Also the guys ohmaigat they are just so........ smexeh.. tan skin, brownish hair color and not-so-western-face. I am falling down from the chair now @.@

Thursday, September 30, 2010

i love metro, yeah SO NOT

GRRRRR!!! connex can really go die, seriously. die connex, die die die!!! dieeeeee!!!

One, it USUALLY comes late, no matter in the morning, evening, night, everytime! like today, how come the first service on the day can possibly late?? it happened a few times not only just one or two times.

Two, how come there's a burglar on the train?? i've been seeing him around asking for money since almost 1 month ago and none of the metro staff ever gives him any warnings to stop the action.

Three, the ticket is pretty expensive but look at the service. shitty.

Friday, September 24, 2010

haduh, malu saya. bisa-bisanya tadi pas lagi telponan sama temen, gua ketiduran. hahaha aiem sorry mai friend damai ya kita :) gw juga ga nyadar sih, pas bangun-bangun, loh kok telponnya mati ya? perasaan tadi kan gw lagi telpon. tadi gw telponnya emang sambil tiduran gitu sih trus kayak rada-rada pengen tidur juga tapi ga nyangka kalo gw bisa ketiduran pas sambil telpon. pas sambil telpon sodara sodara! pas sambil telpon!! *lebay*

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 1: Ten random facts about yourself

  • for the first time ever in my life, i drank 4 cups of coffee today
  • i don't like just staying at home doing nothing
  • boys who play guitar/bass look attractive to me
  • i hate horror movies. not cool at all
  • i wish i could paint my bedroom wall with green color
  • i prefer go to concerts rather than clubs
  • growing up really does scare me
  • British accent will always attracts me
  • i have no clue why most of girls are very obsessed with weight, yeh including me :D
  • slightly pissed off when i'm talking and people say whatever or so what to me

Day 2: Nine things you do everyday

  • wake up
  • brush my teeth
  • eat
  • open up my laptop
  • go to internet
  • walk
  • sleep
  • touch my phone
  • think

Day 3: Eight things that annoy you

  • slow internet connection
  • waiting
  • people who smoke near me
  • stinky people
  • people who cancel plans in last minute
  • hot weather
  • bugs
  • rain

Day 4: Seven fears/phobias

  • thunder
  • death
  • growing up
  • marriage
  • airplane
  • cockroach
  • spooky things

Day 5: Six songs that you’re addicted to

  • jay sean - 2012 (it ain't the end)
  • owl city - hot air balloon
  • allstar weekend - dance forever
  • angels and airwaves - the adventure
  • owl city - vanilla twilight
  • there are so much more actually

Day 6: Five things you can’t live without

  • laptop
  • internet
  • money
  • food
  • drink

Day 7: Four memories you won’t forget

  • when i left jakarta for melbourne
  • the day when i came back home after 11 months
  • when i went to singapore only with my best friends
  • adorable people in my life

Day 8: Three words you can’t go a day without using

  • laper
  • capek
  • hi

Day 9: Two things you wish you could do

  • able to read other people's mind
  • fly

Day 10: One person you can trust

  • God

talk about coffee

Highlight of the day: I drank 4 cups of coffee just in 3 hours.

Wow. I never drink coffee before. Never. It smells just bad for me. I started to drink coffee like 4 or 5 days ago can't remember at my workplace. I just wanted to try the cool coffee machine there because it's kinda different from other coffee machines that I've ever seen. And! from that day, I am like, addicted to coffee.

Well, after I've tried it for several times, coffee is not that bad actually. If it is too bitter you can simply add more milk or sugar to it and voila, it becomes delicious. Simple.

So, let's drink more coffees! :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

10 to 1

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
  1. "Yes, Chef"
  2. "Don't smoke near me, please"
  3. "Stop act like a bitch"
  4. "Everything is well done"
  5. "You shut up"
  6. "I miss you too"
  7. "Hi, how are you?"
  8. "I hope you were here"
  9. "Why does nutella taste so delicious?"
  10. "I lose my weight"
Nine things about yourself.
  1. Let me introduce myself first, my name is Monica.
  2. I come from a beautiful country, Indonesia.
  3. Not that type of girl who likes going to the club, drink alcohol, smoking, wear sexy clothes and heavy make up just to attract boys.
  4. Rather to be a lover than a hater.
  5. Like to laugh a lot, even tough nothing is really funny.
  6. Currently being addicted to Nutella like a freak.
  7. Number one fans of British accent, the coolest and awesomest accent ever.
  8. I like to eat a lot.
  9. Not really like watching movies at the cinema.

Eight ways to win your heart.
  1. Just be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone else just to look cool.
  2. Good sense of humor.
  3. Honest.
  4. Not a smoker. You know what? because you smell bad. Really really bad.
  5. Do not be too aggressive.
  6. Cheerful.
  7. Loyal.
  8. Kind.
Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
  1. Korean foods.
  2. My future.
  3. Losing weight.
  4. Jakarta.
  5. British guys.
  6. Bands members.
  7. Beaches.

Six things you wish you’d never done.
  1. Eaten too much Pods.
  2. Known someone who acts like a jerk.
  3. Slept after 12am.
  4. Didn't watch All Time Low, Forever The Sickest Kids, Fall Out Boy, Angels and Airwaves and much more cool bands concert in Jakarta.
  5. Drunken cold drinks that make me having a flu right now.
  6. Eaten Jengkol.
Five people who mean a lot
  1. My Mom.
  2. My Dad.
  3. My Sister.
  4. My Younger Brother.
  5. My Other Younger Brother.
Four turn offs.
  1. People who like to show off their abilities/things way too much.
  2. People who like to say rude words a lot.
  3. Smoker.
  4. Smells bad.
Three turn ons.
  1. Good looking guys. Obviously!
  2. British accent guys.
  3. Blue eye color.
Two smileys that describe your life right now.
  1. Got a new job recently at a hotel and enjoying it.
  2. Closer to the date when I can go home.
One confession.
  1. LOSE WEIGHT. hhhhhhhh. Why is is so hard to lose weight??

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

this, that or this?

New month, new job =). I really really want to thank to Yang Diatas for all blessings that has been given to me until today. I feel so so so so so so sooo blessed. But! another problem arises. Well, that means that I need to divide my time to 3 jobs and I really have no idea when it comes to weekend because it's always busy on those places. Like this week, I got the roster for Saturday at my new workplace as well as MCG, and both begins at the same time! Gosh. I'm in the middle of two choices and now I'm confused which one to choose because each place has plus and minus :S