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Thursday, September 30, 2010

i love metro, yeah SO NOT

GRRRRR!!! connex can really go die, seriously. die connex, die die die!!! dieeeeee!!!

One, it USUALLY comes late, no matter in the morning, evening, night, everytime! like today, how come the first service on the day can possibly late?? it happened a few times not only just one or two times.

Two, how come there's a burglar on the train?? i've been seeing him around asking for money since almost 1 month ago and none of the metro staff ever gives him any warnings to stop the action.

Three, the ticket is pretty expensive but look at the service. shitty.


oneeye said...

well, it's been going on from the previous management, so don't be surprise that they often late. second, it's not a crime to ask for money or spare change. unless you are assulted, then you can report the incident to them. third, expensive? wait till next year, i heard they're going to increase the fare next year.