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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

this, that or this?

New month, new job =). I really really want to thank to Yang Diatas for all blessings that has been given to me until today. I feel so so so so so so sooo blessed. But! another problem arises. Well, that means that I need to divide my time to 3 jobs and I really have no idea when it comes to weekend because it's always busy on those places. Like this week, I got the roster for Saturday at my new workplace as well as MCG, and both begins at the same time! Gosh. I'm in the middle of two choices and now I'm confused which one to choose because each place has plus and minus :S


oneeye said...

yg deket rumah aja atau pilihannya yg paling menghasilkan banyak duit. hehehe